Project: Hometown Hero 

Note:  I will not be publishing the last names and any other information about the soldiers for security reasons.

A Soldier's Prayer

Lord I pray from day to day
To help me understand
How Americans view their heroes 
And how they judge a man

If  being someone famous 
Is looked upon with awe
Something's wrong here with our values
What are we fighting for

I'm in the military
And proud of what I do
But I need to feel some strength and love
That's why I pray to you

Some of our families left us
And now as years have passed
I feel the burden and the stress
For each day could be our last

I'm in the field of combat
With bullets surrounding me
There are few that care
for those who've died
Protecting those born free

I'm asking for some comfort
Some support, and one thing more
From the Americans we fought for

You and I are the heroes
Fighting for our land to be free
And 'tho no one has heard our names
We're the heroes you and me

Our awards weren't televised
No speech with tears in our eyes
Why is our country too blind to see
That the heroes will always be
Those of us who fought for peace
We're the heroes you and me

Those of us who fought for peace
We're the heroes you and me

*Elaine Hall

"Ryan" drawn by Jon B.

"Kris" drawn by Ben K.

"Daysha" drawn by Britney K.

"Shawn" drawn by Kali H.

 "AJ" drawn by Peter H.

 "Spencer" drawn by Alisyn G.

"Josh" drawn by Bryce H.

"Casey" drawn by Emilee G.

  "Toby" drawn by Tasha H.

"Jorge" drawn by Paula J.

"Andrew" drawn by Margaret G.

"Jared" drawn by Melissa H.

"Harry" drawn by Spencer L.